BettrLook Support

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  • Is BettrLook actually a dating app? No. The app is merely a fun, immersive experience for streaming and downloading an mp3 of the song “Better Looking Boy” by the Lavender Scare. Think of it as a music video, but instead it’s an interactive app. All profiles are fake and all chats are pre-populated with poems.
  • Who is the Lavender Scare? The Lavender Scare is an indie rock band from Echo Park, Los Angeles, Ca. See the official website for details
  • What is the song “Better Looking Boy” about? The song is about the hookup culture of gay dating apps like Grindr, Scruff, Hornet, Jack’d, etc. BettrLook is a satirical take on these types of apps.
  • Does sending a message do anything if the profiles are fake? Sending messages does absolutely nothing.
  • What are the bios all about in the profile? The bios contain song lyrics from “Better Looking Boy.”
  • Is there a way to download a WAV file instead of an mp3? Currently no. Although, you are welcome to download the entire “Hand Me Down Kingdom” EP in any format including “Better Looking Boy” from Bandcamp once the EP is released.
  • What kind of data do you collect? The app itself does not collect any data. No sign-in is required. There are no analytics tools, advertising networks or third-party SDKs in the app collecting and/or sharing user data. For more info, see our Privacy Policy.
  • (Android) Why doesn’t the mp3 show up in Google Play Music after downloading? From Google Play Music, go to the Settings and press Refresh. For more details see