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Inspirational Music for Heretics and Backsliders

Genre: Indie Rock
Location: Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA


The Lavender Scare is a queer-influenced indie rock band from Los Angeles, CA comprised of musicians James Delos Reyes and Luis Servin. Formed in 2016, the band has evolved sonically from tight moody sing-a-longs to colorful epic anthems inspired by bands like Radiohead and Arcade Fire. Singer James Delos Reyes grew up in the church developing his musical skills by playing in and leading various worship bands. Struggling to make sense of his own sexuality alongside long-held beliefs, he eventually left the church creating the backdrop used for many of the lyrical themes and imagery that the Lavender Scare sifts through. Songs like "Sermonettes," "Sunday Sons," and "Careful Little Eyes" explore topics on gender identity, sexuality, and religion. Their upcoming single "Better Looking Boy" pays homage to a popular gay hookup app for which Reyes spent his first 3 years in LA working for. Despite singing about topics people are told to constantly avoid, their music remains above all irresistible. The dark satire reveals itself to be charming. The attitudes of defiance and resistance are universally felt. And as always, the melodies stay catchy. Even fundamentalists will secretly be tapping their toes while shaking their fists.


"Their unique way of communication through sounds is glorious to the ears, with emphatic lyrics and gentle weeping of guitars and indie-rock sensibilities." - Come Here Floyd

"Any band that can change their colours so convincingly is one to pay close attention to, as you never know what else they may have up their sleeve." - Belwood Music

"The song Buried Behind Monet by L.A. (Ca) based The Lavender Scare has many musical and emotional layers. The prose has intimate reflections as well as more broad social and political commentary (some easier to decipher and some too abstract to necessarily make out) but in the end the words and sounds lie bare like a musical Rorschach test." - American Pancake

"The Lavender Scare’s release “Buried Behind Monet” is a shaded (not quite dark) tune that sings of melancholy and tension [...] The flow of this work is uninhibited..." - Composer's Toolbox

"Equally elegant and chilling with mid-eighties Bunnymen-esque sweeping, dramatic grandeur combining with spectral-like vocals and subterranean cavernous guitar and synth" - Barry Gruff

"The Lavender Scare’s music is melodic and densely textured, while Reyes’ lyrics are often inspired by sexual orientation struggles he faced as a youth. [...] On the cabaret-inflected piano-pop number ["Drag for a Queen"], Reyes sing-talks in a seductive, but hushed and foreboding tone amid the simmering instrumentation. " - The Record Stache

"From the psychedelic chorus flange and delay from the melodic guitar strings, to the vocals that are deep to the pitch. The phaser is in full effect and it adds to the enigmatic sound of Lavender Scare." - We Sound Strange

Contact/Social Media

Main Website: www.thelavenderscaremusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thelavenderscare
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/thelavenderscare
Instagram: www.instagram.com/thelavenderscare
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5CyEP1kvNbCnLK5BiMdIHu
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lavender_scare
Email: thelavenderscaremusic@gmail.com


James Delos Reyes: vocals, guitar, bass, piano, organ
Luis Servin: guitar
Dominic Martinez: bass (only for live performances)
Brandon Lynch: drums (only for live performances)

Recommended If You Like

Radiohead, Wilco, Nick Cave, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Arcade Fire, Nirvana, Elliot Smith, Spoon, Fiona Apple



"Hand Me Down Kingdom Come" (5 Song EP Forthcoming)

"Buried Behind Monet/Backsliders" (Release Date: 9/1/18)

"Drag for a Queen/Wolves of L.A." Single on Digital and 7 inch Vinyl (Release Date: 7/15/17)

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