The Lavender Scare

Inspirational Music for Heretics and Backsliders


We are working on a recording of our songs “Drag for a Queen” and “Wolves of LA.” They’re sounding great so far. There’s still more work to do, so be on the look out.

Studio Recordings

Happy to announce we will be doing our first studio recording at Kingsize Sound Labs later this month. We plan to record a single of “Drag for a Queen” and “Wolves of LA.” This is a big step for us considering our current recordings are all home laptop demos. We’re looking forward to finally getting some quality recordings to present.

More Shows

Some more

  • 11/13 Los Angeles, The Griffin Bar and Lounge
  • 12/18 Los Angeles, The Griffin Bar and Lounge

Hope to see you there. Check here for the latest on show details: Shows page.

Shows Announced

The Lavender Scare is proud to announce the following shows:

  • 11/21 Los Angeles, The Mint with Vanilla King Court, Checkerneck
  • 12/10 Los Angeles, Silverlake Lounge with The Jigsaw Seen, New York Junk, Late Slip

Hope to see you there. For more detailed links on upcoming shows check our Shows page.

Site Launch

Hello friends,

This is the unofficial site launch by our band The Lavender Scare. It’s unofficial in that we’re still tweaking it and making changes while also in the process of creating new content (i.e. band photos, logos, etc). If you ran across this page somehow and are reading this, then hello! You get to witness the beginnings of something special in the works.

Your friends,
The Lavender Scare